Koka Kids 10 Judo Throws and 20 Dojo Drills

10 Judo Throws and 20 Dojo Drills

Want to become faster on your entry to a technique? Improve your footwork? And generally get better at doing 10 key judo throws? This judo training book has 20 drills to improve 10 throws: Kouchi-Gari, Ouchi-Gari, Harai-Goshi, Ippon Seoi Nage, Tai-Otoshi, De-Ashi-Barai, Morote Seoi-Nage, Osoto-Gari and Kosoto-Gari.

This is one of our best judo books for kids looking to work on technique and becoming a better all round judoka.

How this book will help your judo

  • Step by Step guide to how to do each of these throws.
  • How to train those same throws, with 20 different drills
  • How to improve your footwork, timing, balance and entry.

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